ACL Brace for Knee Stability

The ACL or anterior cruciate ligament is one of four major knee ligaments. If you are recovering from an ACL tear, or if you are attempting to prevent further damaging a compromised ACL, it is important that you find one of the best ACL knee braces for support possible.

Whether you want to feel safe while walking and avoid the buckling knees that come with an ACL injury, or you want to have the freedom to enjoy your favorite sports while protecting your knees, there is a brace that will suit your needs perfectly.

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Every day And Low Impact Sports Knee Braces Intermediate Level Knee Braces Lightweight Support For Non-Contact Sports Sturdy, Low Profile Knee Braces Suitable For Contact Sports Custom, Technologically Superior Knee Braces For High Impact Sports And Water Sports

Varying Levels of Support

Various levels of support are available for people who need knee braces for torn ACL; they are generally made from lightweight materials and offer sport-specific benefits. Ensuring that you choose the right brace can prevent debilitating injuries and let you stay at the top of your game.

  • Every day And Low Impact Sports Knee Braces - These low intensity knee braces are comfortable and support compromised knee joints during everyday walking and low impact sports activities. They are perfect for people who are coming back to sports after surgery, or even for helping athletes to prevent ACL injuries.

  • Intermediate Level Knee Braces – These knee braces are excellent preventatives for people who participate in moderate activity. They protect the knee joints during pivoting motion, and are an excellent choice for people who suffer from a variety of knee injuries and ailments such as arthritis or torn meniscus. They are an ideal choice for people who are returning to sports activities after ACL reconstruction.

  • Lightweight Support For Non-Contact Sports – Super lightweight, technically superior braces that incorporate aircraft grade aluminum into their construction are perfect for people who need low-profile support. If you have a mild ACL/LCL/MCL instability such as a partial ACL tear, this type of ACL brace for knee support can prevent further damage while enabling the user to participate in non-contact sports.

  • Sturdy, Low Profile Knee Braces Suitable For Contact Sports – Aluminum knee braces that can be molded to fit various individuals are available. Although these off-the-shelf braces are not custom made, they are the next best thing. They are suitable for contact sports, and they offer extra features that can protect skiers from getting hung up in gear. Covered hinges prevent snagging and also keep clothing from being torn during impact sports.

  • Custom Knee Braces For Sports– The ultimate in knee protection! Lightweight, 100% customized braces are available for people who want to participate in all kinds of sports while preventing moderate to severe knee conditions from becoming debilitating problems.